These are the best resources for System Design on the Internet

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System Design Resources These are the best resources for System Design on the Internet. Video Processing Transcoding Videos at Scale: Facebook Video Broadcasting: Netflix Video Encoding at Scale: Netflix Shot based encoding: Cluster and Workflow Management Facebook Cluster Management: Google Autopilot - Autoscaling: Netflix Workflow Orchestration: Opensource Workflow Management: Meta Hardware Management: Meta Capacity Assignment: Amazon EC2: Intra-Service Messaging What is a message queue: AirBnb Idempotency: Nginx Service Mesh: Meta Async Task Computing: Message Queue Antipattern DB as queue Antipattern: Using a database as a message queue: Anti-pattern of DB as a queue: Drawbacks of DB as a queue: Service Mesh Kubernetes Service Mesh: Kubernetes Sidecar: Service Mesh: NginX Service Mesh: Practical System Design Facebook Messenger Optimisations: YouTube Architecture: YouTube scalability 2012: Distributed Design Patterns: Monolith to Microservice: Zerodha Tech Stack: Distributed File System Open Source Distributed File System: Amazon S3 Performance hacks: Amazon S3 object expiration: Time Series Databases Pintrest Time Series Database: Uber Time Series DB: TimeSeries Relational DB: Facebook Gorilla Time Series DB: Rate Limiting Circuit Breaker Algorithm: Uber Rate Limiter: In Memory Database - Redis Redis Official Documentation : Learn Redis through Redis University : Redis Open Source Repo : Redis Architecture : Network Protocols What is HTTP: QUIC Protocol: TCP Protocol algorithms: (First 10 pages are important) WebRTC: WebSockets: Dynamic Source Routing using QUIC: Chess Engine Design Chess Engine Building: Subscription Management System Subscription Manager: Google Docs Operational Transform: Google Docs: API Design API Design: Swagger APIs: NoSQL Database Internals Cassandra Architecture: Google BigTable Architecture: Amazon Dynamo DB Internals: Design Patterns in Amazon Dynamo DB: Internals of Amazon Dynamo DB: NoSQL Database Algorithms Hyperloglog Algorithm: Log Structured Merge Tree: Sorted String Tables and Compaction Strategies: Leveled Compaction Cassandra: Scylla DB Compaction: Indexing in Cassandra: Database Replication Database replication: Netflix Data replication - Change Data Capture: LinkedIn Logging Usecases: Containers and Docker Facebook Twine Containerization: CloudFlare Containerization: Docker Architecture: Capacity Estimation Google Capacity Estimation: Scalability at YouTube 2012: Back of envelope Calculations at AWS: Capacity Estimation: Publisher Subscriber Oracle Publisher Subscriber: Amazon Pub Sub Messaging: Asynchronous processing: Async Request Response: Event Driven Architectures Martin Fowler- Event Driven Architecture: Event Driven Architecture: Software Architectures Hexagonal Architecture: Hexagonal architecture (Alistair Cockburn) The Clean Code by Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) CQRS DomainDrivenDesign Microservices Monolith Architecture: Monoliths vs Microservices: Microservices: Uber Nanoservices antipattern: Uber Domain oriented microservice: Distributed Transactions consistency Patterns Transactional outbox SAGAS Long lived transactions (LLTs) Load Balancing Load Balancer with Sticky Sessions: Citrix what is load balancing: Nginx Load Balancing: Consistent hashing: Alerts and Anomaly Detection Outlier Detection: Anomaly Detection: Uber Real Time Monitoring and Root Cause Analysis Argos: Microsoft Anomaly Detection: Facebook Data Engineering: LinkedIn Real Time Alerting: LinkedIn Isolation Forests: Distributed Logging Uber Distributed Request Tracing: Pintrest Logging: Google Monitoring Infrastructure: Metrics and Text Search Engine Facebook real time text search engine: Elastic Search Time Based Querying: Elastic Search Aggregation: Single Point of Failure Avoiding Single Points of Failure: Netflix Multi-Region Availability: Oracle Single Points of failure: DNS single point of failure 2004: Sharding: Location Based Services Google S2 library: Batch Processing Map Reduce Architecture: Real Time Stream Processing LinkedIn Brooklin- Real time data streaming: Netflix Real Time Stream Processing: KSQLDB for Kafka: Caching Google Guava Cache: Caching (See the README): Caching: Microsoft Caching Guide: Caching patterns: Distributed concensus Paxos: Raft: Authorization Designing an Authorization Model for an Enterprise: The Architectural Patterns of Cloud-native Authorization Systems: Content Delivery Network AWS CloudFront CDN with S3: Testing Distributed Systems Deterministic Testing: System Design Resources Designing Data Intensive Applications Book: WhitePapers: InterviewReady Videos:
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